Replaces and improves traditional tool lubrication.

Totally vegetable resource, non-toxic and ecological lubricants which, thanks to the very high anti-seizing power, reduce friction on the cutting edge and consequently prevent overheating of the same.

Outside applicators with one or more nozzles which allow the volume of lubricant to be microdosed up to 2 ml / hr.

Inside applicators are connected through the machine-tool-spindle directly to the internal cooling lubrication circuit set up on the machine.

ACCU-LUBE applicators do not atomize the lubricant and consequently do not create mists.

Micro Lubrification

Microdosers for internal lubrication through the spindle

The ACCU-LUBE microlubrication system replaces the traditional lubrication of the tools in machining with chip removal and cold forming and can be used in the following fields:

  • band sawing
  • milling
  • drilling
  • turning
  • broaching
  • threading
  • boring
  • rolling
  • cold roll forming
  • parting off
  • forming and bending

The new ACCU-LUBE Minibooster II HDSR Microdosers for internal lubrication through the spindle axis are connected directly to the internal cooling lubrication circuit prepared on the machine tool.Using an integrated electronic system, these Microdosers are able to automatically adjust the air / oil mixture flow rate according to the size of the tool being used.

Micro-Lubrification use


  • Productivity;
  • Increases Tool life;
  • Feed;
  • The well being of the operator.


  • Work envoirment;
  • The quality of the surfaces.


  • Power absorption;
  • The tollerances.


  • Disposal;
  • Loss of time for washing;
  • Bad smells;
  • Dermatitis and other skin problems;
  • Slipper floors.


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