Standard toolholders for parting-off and for internal, external and front radial grooves

Mircona AB (Sweden) manufactures a range of over 3000 standard toolholders for parting-off and execution of internal, external and front radial grooves.
The program includes:

  • Toolholder for parting off and external radial grooves with shanks from 10x10 to 50x40 mm. with cutting depth up to 50 mm.
  • Toolholder for internal radial grooves, starting from a minimum diameter of 10 mm., With round shanks from diam.16 to 40 mm. and square shanks from 10x10 to 50x40 mm.
  • Toolholder for execution of front grooves with a minimum diameter of 14 mm to infinity. with shanks from 16x16 to 40x32 mm.
  • Inserts with cutting widths from 1.1 to 12 mm. coated and non-coated carbide, cermet, ceramic, CBN and PDE with different cutting geometries for various applications in different materials.
  • Full radius inserts starting from R. 1 mm. at 4 mm.
  • Inserts for Seeger Ring and O-Ring.
  • Heads for the execution of front grooves, drilling and boring on milling machines, CNC machining centers and radial drills.
  • Tailor Made Tools and inserts for special applications.

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