Manufacturer and supplier of precision threading, grooving, turning and hand deburring tools.

VARGUS Ltd. (Israel) produces the widest range on the market of cutting tools, thread turning and thread milling.
The range includes:

  • Internal and external thread turning inserts: ISO, UN, W, BSPT, TONDO Din 405, TRAPEZ. Din 103, ACME, AMERICAN Buttress, UNJ, API, VAM, NPT, H90, NPTF, Pg, MJ, full and partial profile in hard metal coated Tin or TiAIN.
  • Multi-tooth inserts for high productivity.
  • Inserts for execution of grooves and external/internal seeger rings.
  • External Toolholder with shank from 10x10 to 40x40 mm.
  • Internal Toolholder from 13mm (standard); 6mm (mini); 3,2 mm (micro)
  • Toolholder for internal grooves, starting from a minimum hole diameter of 3,2 mm.
  • Tailor Made Tools and inserts for special applications.
  • Internal and external milling thread milling inserts: ISO, UN, W, BSPT, TRAPEZ. Din 103, ACME, UNJ, VAM, NPT, NPTF, Pg, in hard metal coated and not.
  • Standard toolholders with one or more inserts with mechanical fixing for threading with helical interpolation on CNC machining centers.
  • Deep threading tools
  • Tools for extra large pitches.
  • Solid carbide tools.
  • Tailor Made Tools and inserts for special applications.

Chip removal


Toolholders and inserts for external and internal grooving, threading and boring on CNC lathes and milling machines.
The range includes:

  • Insert tool holder in hard metal or steel.
  • Grooving inserts with cutting width from 0,7 to 2,5 mm.
  • Radius grooving inserts from R = 0,6 to 1,0 mm.
  • Partial and Full Profile Inserts for threading with pitch from 0,5 to 2,0 mm (32 a 12 tpi).


Hand deburring tools. The range includes:

  • Different type of ergonomic handles.
  • Adapters and extensions.
  • Various blades coated in HSS and uncoated.


Novatea S.p.A.
Strada Trossi, 5
13871 - Benna - BI - Italy


Legal Notices

VAT: 01561380021
Fully paid up capital: € 216.000,00 i.v.
Reg. Imprese Biella: n° 11489
Rea: 147797 della C.C.I.I.A.A. di Biella
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